Bledsoe DUO

The DUO (Dynamic Unloading Osteoarthritis) brace is the only dual-upright dynamic OA brace on the market. In extension, the brace provides a load across the knee to open the joint and as the knee goes into flexion, the load turns off. The reduction of pressure when sitting eliminates the skin irritation associated with a constant pressure brace. This makes the DUO ideal for patients that wear the brace all day for activities of daily living. The DUO is ideal for a patient with an active lifestyle who may need additional support from a dual-upright brace due to ligamentous instability.

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For treatment of:

For moderate to severe unicompartmental OA with or without combined instabilities For patients requiring a brace for all-day use. Okay for moderate activity levels like golf, tennis, walking, bicycling etc.

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